SOLVED - Filtering Data in the MS Access 'Query Design' View

I’m trying to filter some data based on a ‘0’ being the middle character of a 5 character string. Trying a filter based on the usual wildcard character won’t work, as Like "*0*" will pretty much pick up a zero anywhere. Can anyone suggest how I narrow things down to just that central position?

The string is always 5 characters?

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I got an answer that works from someone in the office with way more chops than I. Apparently, the following works with a criteria of 0. cost centre is the column I’m filtering on

Expr1: Mid([cost centre],3,1)

I’ll get to explain how it works to me later.

Thanks for the link, it guided me towards this instead -

Ah yes of course, MID, sorry
For some reason I thought you could give the starting position to LEFT as well :expressionless:

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