Solicit Through Twitter Replies

Is it considered bad etiquette to solicit Twitter users through the ‘Reply’ feature if it relevant to their tweets. In other words, if someone tweets something about sports, would it be bad etiquette to reply to them with a link to my sports site?

No. That would be spam. Just because someone is interested in sports, doesn’t mean they want to visit your sports site. How would you like it if everyone who had a blog or sports site on the Internet tweeted you with a link to their site every time you tweeted something about sposts?

Noted. Is there any point where it becomes justified, if the relevance is very specific and it could truly be of use?

If you know them and they wouldn’t mind.

Instead of focusing on the link why not answer their question in a polite, non-spammy way with no links. The user will see your profile and associate your brand with being helpful but without any self promotion it becomes much more acceptable.

Sounds logical, thanks.