Solar Slides Calculator

Hi Everyone,

I want to develop a tool in which I will input the following details
1.Total Area of your house roof.
1.Direction of the Roof of your house
2.Average Monthly Power Bill
3.Style of the Roof (wood shake, foam, rolled, spanish tile etc)
4.How steep is the Roof slope (flat, average, steep)
5.How much tree shading is there on your roof (none, light, heavy)

And from these details, it will calculate the Estimate of following details

  1. Count of Total Solar panels to be used on a roof
  2. Total Installation Cost (optional)
  3. Average Monthly Bill After attaching Solar Panels

In a simple way, I am looking for a Solar Slides Calculator.
There is one best example of this is

Any Suggestions?

Thank You

You’ll need a form so the user can give his data, you’ll need the formulae, and you’ll need a script (PHP?) to calculate the results and display them.

So I suggest you start googling for ‘PHP form’ or something like that and start studying :slight_smile:

The effect of the direction of the roof of the house is going to depend where in the world the house is. I.e. a north facing roof on a house in the southern hemisphere will probably catch a different amount of sun than a north facing roof high in the northern hemisphere.

I doubt you’ll get PHP people who know the formulae to use. This is more of a business logic question for someone in the solar panel industry.

@guido2004, Any Suggestions will be helpful for startup.
I am also looking for the exact formula.

Do you have the formulas needed to calculate the output? Then start programming :slight_smile:

In other words, what kind of suggestions are you looking for?