Software tool to help in writing PR and Blog post


i have used tools to check pr of sites but software…i haven’t listen before about this type of software.
but if you get info about that please share with us .hopes it would be really helpful for others.
Thanks .

You can try ‘article rewriting buzz’. its great software for rewriting article,press or any other English content.

The question here is how to write an effective press release. There has been no mention of rewriting anything. Using an article spinner is certainly not the way to go about writing any effective content.

Donot use any software tool for blog posting and Press Release. Always do it manually

When it comes to writing contents for PR, it is still best to do it manually to make it look more organic and effective. When using software, you still have to check for grammar errors and paragraph structure so you still need to spend time editing the content.

I think I know what you are talking about. such a software is not currently available but they are working on it and it will be available in the future (like in 2014) where there is no need for writers anymore but i’m sure it will be very expensive.
I convinced my nephew not to study journalism when I showed him an article about such a software

I’d certainly like to see that article. Where was it?

I’d also like to see the day they can automate creativity.

I can not remember which website but I always read cnn , abcnews, usatoday, chicago suntimes
but most likely i read it on ustoday. it’s been at least a month though

In several searches I found one, but it doesn’t write the release for you. It teaches you (or so it says) how to “crank” one out. It’s from a company called “Duct Tape Marketing”. I also saw Press Release software at Vocus. However, the software doesn’t write the press release, their team of experienced professionals does that and then you use the software to submit it.

The point is, you can’t expect a robot to write your news. They aren’t sentient and won’t be until the Cylons are invented by the good people of Caprica. It’s a shame you convinced your nephew to not study journalism. Although print is dying, there is always room for those who want to write good content… news or otherwise, for the web.

believe me the article I read talk a bout a software that will write a professional article for you all you have to do is provide the software with key points

Hi Jammer, i would suggest you to manually write the press releases. I do not have good knowledge on s/w for Press release but i think this can work.

You may have read about it, but until it comes around, I’ll believe in it when I see it.

You must have read post #29. Yes, I am quite certain that any company with a name like “Duct Tape Marketing” is sure to have cutting-edge applications in every field of endeavor. :rolleyes:

to write the press release I still use Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer

The main question is to write effective PR and Blog post. So just think on new ideas and keep in mind the topic on which your going to write. There is no need to use any tool or software for content writing.Write unique and fresh content.

You can use online content re-writing software tools that will surely help you giving your article a fresh and new look.

Had you taken the time to read through this thread, you would have seen that re-writing software tools, also called “article spinners” have been thoroughly discussed and they are not viable tools for writing original content and certainly not for writing press releases.

I think its better to do manual… i cant trust a program to do my work

well I suggest do not use any kind of software for writing press release., but you can get many guides in PR writing…

Somehow you can use re-writing tools but still write unique PR and distribute them manually or can use distribution tools…

I found some useful solutions on this site, www. glocksoft. com/ download-products/.

yes guys you are right but when u submit ur PR content through feeds and list of social bookmarking website this will be the best way i feel