Software related forums

Hi Friends,

To improve my blog PR counts, I am planning to do forum posting.

My blog is related to Opensource software download, so can someone suggest me few forums sites?

Thanks in Advance


vBulletin is best to start forum sites because it have very awesome features in it and you can do very good SEO also which will help you to make your forum more search engine friendly !! for this you can use vbseo plugin with this…

That’s SEO double-speak for spamming. Focus your efforts on actually improving your site and the users will come. Don’t waste your time with SEO if you can’t accurately quantify the gains you’ll receive.

The only reason one should post on a forum is because they want to join in the discussion. It’s the only reason they exist. If you can’t find them yourselves then you clearly want no part of the discussion and you’ll only be there to peddle your links (which will be deleted within minutes and your account banned).

That is absolute nonsense. For starters, vBulletin is a paid-for forum script and secondly no forum is inherently “SEO friendly” any more. This isn’t 2002 any more, and every major forum script on the market today is open to search engines. Hell, if I could write a search engine to crawl and parse forums and obtain content then I’m sure Google can.

Secondly, vBSEO is a plugin. This guy never stated that he wanted to run a forum.

May be you can do some write article to get your blog promoted or do some link exchanges. There is no point in forum posting for advertising your blog.