Software for small online store with customizable products

I am setting up an online store that sells custom computer systems: gaming PCs, home theatre systems and workstations. I am looking for a nice software that could run the site and thats why I am here. I have tested some out, like Magento(too heavyweight), PrestaShop(not what I am looking for), OpenCart(could use if nothing better shows up) and WooCommerce WordPress plugin(best so far, partly because WP is very flexible).

The shop itself would have a lot of custom pages, like different terms, promotions and so on so the system needs to be able to have custom pages while not so many products: probably 4-5 categories with around 3-5 products under each. As this is a computer store, I want my customers to be able to select the parts that they like so having product variables is also a must.

Can anyone with more experience here suggest me something? Does not matter if its premium or not, I just need something to get the job done. I am good with PHP, HTML, CSS and so on so having to write some code myself is not an issue, I need to get the site live in one month though so that is why I am looking for something premade.

Very bad first post asking for something that is probably been discussed for many times but after a quick search, I did not find a thread that falled into what I am looking for. Sorry!

I will start to go over this list and write good and bad sides about each solution to let you know exactly what I’m looking for.

Any help is very appreciated! :slight_smile:
Need a software solution for online computer store. Need it to have:

  • Customizable products by clients
  • Custom page creation(for promotions and such)
  • Themeable
  • Flexible[/B]

Check AbanteCart or CS-Cart

Abantecart is open source and very flexible in many ways. CS-Cart is commercial project, but has flexibility too.

i recommend you to do a full research in the interent, also ask about recommendations.
there is a tight competition in the field of the software. moreover, if you can exprience with the software, go for it. most of the companies give the ability to download demo of the software.

good luck!