Software for photo editing

Hello Friends,

I want to post my photos and audios on my personal blog.
Any Suggestions?


Welcome to the forums, @darwinhoran.

I’ve unlisted your question for now, as it’s unclear how it relates to a web dev community. Are you wanting to use your photographs in a web site?

If you’re taking a course, wouldn’t they recommend software?

If you clarify your question, I’ll be happy to relist it.

Thanks for the clarification, i had made the edit.

It depends what exactly you want to do, operating system and whether you are happy to pay or not.

So in summery a bit more information required.

If you already have your media files all you need to do is FTP them to your host and have your pages use them either as links to the files or as src attribute values.

Or if your blog has an upload form in its Admin pages you could simply use that.

I think I went off track although your title is “software for photo editing” - are you looking for a blogging platform recomendation @darwinhoran

I found this CMS a couple of years ago and I thought it looked interesting:

My favourite is Affinity Photo. Its functionality is on par with Photoshop, while costing considerably less (about half of the yearly cost of Adobe CC).

Try this:

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  1. Canva
  2. PicMonkey
  3. Gimp
  4. PhotoScape
  5. Fotor

Use any one of them

Hello @darwinhoran

For pics you can use Its best online tools for photo editing with various effects. And for audio you can use virtualdj for that. In this you can add, edit any sound and save it different extensions also.