Socialmonkee and social media- Is it safe build backlinks from it?

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Is anyone using socialmonkee to build backlinks to your site. If so what are the pros and cons. please let me know is it safe or does google consider it as spam.

Also please let me know is it safe to submit every page you created on your blog to social media sites like digg, delecious, stumbleupon, folkd, Reddit, jumptags.

Any automated service to build links to your site is likely to be considered as spam. Why? Because it is spam.

As per the admin said it earlier and like it is the truth also that any software that you use for link building is actually will be counted as spam by google

and sir about your blog as long as you have unique and audience engaging content on your every page of blog then you must submit your every page of the blog to social sites because in this way the content of your blog will be popular and will generate unique traffic as per the requirement of content on your blog page.
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Basically social monkee gives paid as well as free services. Free service allow us to post 25 social media sites daily. And with the help of these social network we can get 750 back links and it also helps to improve the rankings as well as increased traffic to a website. There is a big advantage that all these sites are having the different IP addresses as well as the domains.

Whether you are marketing by the use of automated tools or through a manual process, it is always considered a form of marketing. Manual work is like the “scrub board” which was invented in 1797 compared to a modern washing machine. There is no point in promoting a “scrub board” when you have a washing machine at your service.

Using automated tools requires a great deal of experience and tinge of stylish art to put them in good use. Automated services are awesome for those who knows how to use them. You don’t need to be a black hat optimizer to use automated services, white hat specialists at many times tend to use those tools to speed up their marketing campaigns.

Automated tools can be really harmful when used in the wrong way.

Getting back to the original question of :

[h=2]SocialMonkee and Social Media Websites … Are they safe to build backlinks from it?[/h]
It depends on how you use them. Submitting your content to social media websites is perfectly beneficial as long as there is some good content in place and not just spamming useless offers all around.
Speaking of SocialMonkee, it is a great tool when used intelligently. If you are a beginner in SEO though, i would highly suggest you to stay away from it until you gain more experience around.

The best way to get experience is by experimenting around. Experiment with socialmonkee using some dummy sites and learn from your results. More importantly, focus on your main content and your sites’ members and the rest will fall in place automatically.

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