Social shopping - future for online shopping?

Hello all!
I am new and this is my first post.

I have shopping directory and looking future solutions.
Few years ago people makes shopping directories, next and now is boom to price comparisons sites, future is (in my opinion) social shopping sites like stylefeeder. com or kaboodle. com or yelp. com.
What do you think?

Next question, how much does cost such script?

Waiting for replies.



I’d have a script done up. Can try odesk, or rent-a-coder…

Social shopping has been predicted for years now and is just starting to come to reality. Odds are what we see now, even on the most “social” sites is just the tip of the iceburg with more to come. Thus the question is not where do you buy a script, we’re far too early for that, but rather how do you develop something truly cutting edge and carve out a part of the market.

Social is not just about interactions, it’s also about preference and data. Levi’s is personalizing their search of “LIKES”, other sites are using Facebook Connect to show users what their friends like, to personalize reviews, and so forth. This is the edge of leveraging social as data and will only increase.

Look at the innovators and then think through it. What would make your site benefit from social, when would a user want to “go social” with your content. If you can solve those you’ll be selling the script.

Hi im new here too. why not register your shoppingsite to digg and or bookmark it.

I don’t think so.

Mostly people use this social network site since they want to be highlighted in my view which should not be related with any other thing, but it can be the best place for advertisement

Yes shopping cart for social network is getting popular.

I think it’s expensive but is the future of shopping. People are becoming more and more confortable and in the same time they use more and more the Internet’s features. In this way they’ll make two things once. And also, another advantage for this kind of shopping is that you can take anything from anywhere; and the people want more and more so they’ll want to expand.

In my own opinion, what you are saying might not be easy for you. It’s quite expensive.

it could grow big. unless you get something off-the-shelf, it would be expensive build it.

I don’t found off-the-shelf script about social shopping, dedicated script can be expensive.

You can use a Digg clone such as Pligg to create a social shopping site.

LilyGrace thank you but this is not what I sought.

It sounds like a good idea, I don’t know though of any existing solutions - you may need to develop it yourself, or pay someone to develop it.

There is clearly someting to this idea of social shopping.Already we have applications like Shopkick and Barcode Hero attempting to build upon what applications ShopSavvy and others have been working on for some time.