Social networking

The top 10 social networking sites would be:
#1 Facebook
#2 MySpace
#3 Bebo
#4 Friendster
#5 Hi5
#6 Orkut
#7 Perfspot
#8 Yahoo!360
#9 Zorpia
#10 Netlog
All of this sites have some similar or different attributes in terms of service, demographic and SEO details. I can decide to build a social networking site based on a niche market or a general market (anything). Therefore is this still a lucrative market to tap on?. I am using 3 out of 10 social networking sites mentioned above and one of them is Zorpia although they are ranked #9 and contain only basic features and services that can be replicated.

How things can change in website design and social networking in just two short years. No mention of Twitter, and Myspace has be completely out classed by the mighty Facebook!

I wonder where things will be in another two years. My guess is that Facebook will still be sat very much at the top of this list!

We can certainly leverage on our individual strength and focus on building a relationship with our members. Instead of competing we can complement. Instead of competing we can enhance.