Social Networking Toolbars - Do you use them?

I have a few questions to put to you guys - I’ve noticed a lot of Social Toolbars around the place on my web-traveling and in particular on blog style websites. Personally, I find them quite distracting and a nuisance but I wonder what you think?

  • Do you use them and if yes, how often?
  • Do you find them distracting, annoying?
  • Have they any benefits to the visitor?
  • Would you recommend using them and why?

Thoughts are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

PS: No product/website recommendations please.

I have never used one. But they don’t bother me, I simply ignore them. I suppose if they ever get that obnoxious (like pop-ups, pop-unders) I’ll do someting to block them.

I avoid them like the plague. I’ve never seen one that doesn’t drive me crazy. If I want instant access to a social networking site (I only use one) I just keep it open in a browser. If I’m not interested, I close the browser.

Simple. =p

It drives me nuts how everything seems to have it’s own toolbar nowadays. =p

Quite similar to my own mindset here; I too am frustrated with tool-bars for almost everything as well! This is what I assumed, I believe if people did want to interact socially they would do so on each individual social website rather than on an integrated toolbar - I don’t even know how secure this can be for the visitor too! :scratch:

Some of the tool-bars can be integrated quite well but those that contain flashing messages or additional pop-up menus are quite annoying to me!

Ah yes, I do wonder what security issues they pose to the visitor - I did think that they would have to have some sort of tracking process attached to them. I just don’t get how they can be so popular though and still in use, perhaps it’s just the latest gimmick to have and makes you appear more user-friendly (to some) and more “in tune” socially.

It’s interesting to hear the feedback thus far - all seems to be what I imagined but I’d also be really interested to hear any success stories from those of you who have used them whether on your blog/site or as a visitor!


I never use browser toolbars period. They take up resources, annoy you with pop-ups, update announcements, and nag you to use it. Also, it’s impossible to remove the search bar from these toolbars, even though browsers already have search bars built-in these days. Some have also been known to mine data from your browser (especially the search bar), when they really shouldn’t.