Social Networking Software?

OK, so I heard a radio commercial the other day about some software that allows you to post a comment in the software…and that comment is placed on your Twitter page, Facebook, page, LinkedIn page, etc, etc

I guess you set your account info for each social networking site, and tell the software when to post comments to all your sites.

I even heard that you could schedule comments in advance (like if you want to go on vacation, but not appear to be on vacation er whatever) and those will post as per the times you schedule them to post.

I didn’t catch the name of the company or software, so I figured I’d ask here since folks here know alot about what is available out there.

Anybody know where to find software that can do this?

I’m not sure about the specific app/service, but there are apps/services out there that do post-dated entries. You could try searching using that terminology.

Here’s a couple for twitter that I stumbled across in a search:


[edit]: This actually has postdating with twitter, facebook, and linkedin:

The primary thing I’m interested in is having software on my local computer, that I can post a comment…and have that program automatically login to all my social networking sites and post my comments.

Is there any such software like this available out there?
Any available in open source by chance?

Digsby allows access from a desktop client, but doesn’t allow you to schedule anything.

Their description doesn’t say I can “post” to all my networking accounts…it just says you can view.

Does it allow me to post?

Yep–facebook, twitter, and linkedin.

On the Digby website, it doesn’t say that it allows “posting” entries to social networking sites.

Here’s the description…

Social Networking

* Stay up to date with everything happening on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts.
* Receive alerts of events such as new friend requests, messages, group invites, etc.
* The social network InfoBox gives you a real time NewsFeed of what your friends are up to. Everything from new photos, to status updates, to upcoming birthdays is just a click away.
* Set your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn status right from Digsby.

It says you can “Stay up to date with everything happening”, and it says “Set your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn status right from Digsby”…but it doesn’t specifically say that I can post an entry that will simultaneously post my entry to my Facebook and Twitter for my visitors to be able to read.

Basically, you can read your wall, comment/reply/like posts, and set your status (you just tick a checkbox for each account where you wish the status update to show)

but networking sites should be always updated with fresh content.

tweetdeck is easy to use and support multiple social networking websites at a time.

What is the use of social networking software ? O_o

dann for easy manipulation :0 its somthing an integration of all social networking:)

I don’t understand why people will use social networking software as we have so many social networking site

Because it makes your life so much easier… when you’re using various social networks at the same time, good organization will help you to send the right message to the right network or even to various networks at the same time… which is a real time saver. Else you wouldn’t find the time to do anything else and enen to keep up to date with your networks.

Exactly…that’s what I had in mind was convenience! :eye:

That’s what much of technology is about, eh?

Tweetdeck is a free software that allows posting at the same time to multiple accounts on various networks (twitter, Facebook, google buzz …).

You just add your accounts there once and then you only need to select where you want to post.