Social Network software match making Questions

Not a dating site

So I want to start website that people are asked about 50 questions that I prepare then paired with those who match their same questions

so like a match making site

Answers can be multiple choice or typed in

What software would be best?

How would this work.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Sounds like you need to write your own. I would suggest to use a good framework, like Zend. You need framework with good class for ‘forms’ because you will be generating lots of form fields, possibly multi page forms. Zend or Pear QuickForm has support for multi page forms as well as every possible input field like checkbox, radio, drop-down, text,…

There’s no need for zend or anything special here… it’s just 4-5 for loops.

1 loop to get the questions from the DB and print on screen.
1 loop to get the answer choices from the DB for each question and print on screen.

1 loop the array of results, and insert into the db for that user.

This is a bit more complicated, you can do it in PHP or mysql.
For each user, cross-reference the answers of this user (one you want to match) with the answers of all the other users in the DB. (add 1 to the users that have the same answers, -0.5 for users that have different/extra answers)
Order that list of users descending, and you have a list of best matches for the user.

You don’t need a framework for 3 selects, unless you plan to make this a big site.