Social media

Who knew this that one day Social media will be the best and biggest source of marketing and advertisement.But it has been proved that without marketing here you can not get the real name and fame.

It’s because Social Media is cheaper- more often it’s free and globalized. What most people as well as marketers like about social media is it’s sense of ubiquity. People from different parts of the world can have and access on it. The use of social media is not limited to marketers nor to customers only. It caters both and it can reach more and varied customers.

yes social media plays very important role to become the sites famous and popular. There are lots of social media sites such as face book , twitter etc. Through social media sites we can share the content of our sites to among all the peoples very easily.

yes you are right more you expose more you got fame. now a days marketing plays main role for success.

Understanding social media is imperative to good web & print marketing. You have to blend it as it adds value.

The boom of social media is on its peak in the mean time. Because lots of people are now using social networking sites. Hence its easy to make interaction with people to share your content and other useful information

Yes, Social networking sites are mainly used for the students to do the online education easily.

I’m not following… are you suggesting that social media is mainly used by students who are taking online courses or that it’s students doing online research? Either way the stats would disagree… the population of social sites goes well beyond students and youth.

Yes, social networking is an obvious boom in the business world nowadays. If your business doesn’t start entering the Internet, things will not work for you. So, think wisely and start your very own e-Commerce NOW!

I am not agree with you as the social networking sites are for only students. You can see there are facebook pages of various brands and companies. They are also using Facebook to increase their fan base and brand value through social networking. In fact we can say that social networking sites has all the features for every age group person.

Social media networking has gained much significance in recent times. And today social media has become the biggest source of marketing and advertisement in online world. however, its much influential in offline world too.

Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube has millions of active users and connect thousands of people from all over the world. Thus becoming a vast means of communication, marketing and advertising. Social media has no doubt become an effective source of achieving successful business.
Surely, Social media craze is here to stay for a long time.

Hey according to me social media marketing is an best way to create the brand and for me its like an relation building with other persons who are in same industry.