Social Media Tabs VS. Social Media Text Links

From SEO point of view, are social media text links better than tabs? Or perhaps a combination of both?

As per my view both are same but tabs type link looks attractive and user friendly.

Social Media is all about eye catching, so for me Social Media Tabs scores more than Social Media Text Links .

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Are you referring to social media sharing buttons on your website? Do elaborate because if you are referring to them, they have minimal impact on the SEO of a website.

I am not sure what is the social media tabs? Can you explain the term more clearly so those of us here can understand and further contribute to the subject at hand.

I am learning. If I share a web link is that a Tab? If I copy an article and paste it, what is that called?
If I share my website link, what is this called? What is effective ? Also, my sharing my website address do iIUhelp my SEO?

If you share a links on social networks or anywhere else it would be called backlinks. If you copy an article and paste it then it would be called duplication (from Google’s point of view)?

I think both are same but i like Social Media Text Links bcoz it’s more user friendly then Social Media Tabs

what is the social media tabs?
What is the guest posting? Tell me in brief.

Social media tabs is refer to images of social media to add your website and we add link on it that is called social links.