Social Media Icon Position

There are many ways to set social media buttons on the website,but What is the best position to place social media icons so that visitors can easily use to promote social sharing for increasing website traffic.

There’s a good guide to what NOT to do here: :rofl:


If you use the social icon in left upper corner than they got the max visitors pf your website.

A floating social media sharing icons in the left work great, also have the social media sharing icons right below the heading and above the comments box. Use the ones at , they are very impressive and easy to implement on any site on any CMS.

Can’t go wrong with anywhere up top. Thats where I place share ones. I then put the social ones pointing to my Facebook and twitter etc pages at the bottom.

I find the top right hand side just below the banner is a good place to place media icons.

Social Media icon top on webpage at right side is looks good and easy to access more sharing possibility. Its even better if you place counter button instead of any addone button.