Social Media, get off my lawn

I put forward the opportunity for you to explain to us all what Social Media is and why people should do it, okay go!

I found these quotes while surfing *

*quotes not real, no refund, your soul is mine

Social Media is just a new name for networking. At personal level, you do it naturally and simply because human beings a social beings… at a marketing level, you do it because if you sell a product or service you need to promote it and let everyone know that you exist.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m not getting your point.

Social media or not, people make and sell things. They tell friends and family about them. Some of them are *ssholes, just as pointed out, and some aren’t.

Are you saying sellings things is wrong, or selling them on social networks is wrong?


I was just asking people to explain to us all what Social Media is and why people should do it. Notice that no one has done that yet :wink:

Social media - the means by which people socialise. You should do it if you like socialising.

Errr… what have you had for breakfast this morning? :slight_smile:

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social networking is just a new term for people getting their wallets raped and their eyes spammed while pretending it’s that thing human beings do in person when they know each other and aren’t bothered by the smell


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sorry I guess I just hate the hype of the term as much as NetNerd does…

Off Topic:

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