Social Media Button

I have a blog which is designed by wordpress but I can not install Social Media Button. Now what can I do.:mad:

One option is to go to the sites you use (such as Facebook) and grab their button code. Then paste it into your site.

WP also has many social media plugins. Check their Codex and plugin downloads to find one that suits you. As I remember, Share This is a good one.

why cant you install? if you can do “Social Media Widget” try it.

I have heard this kind of query for the first time, I haven’t heard such complaints of unable to install the social media buttons to WP blog, provided that they are the easy and most friendly CMS System that allows you to add the buttons with ease.

Jamal, please describe and provide screenshots to the problem that you are having. What do you mean by “can not install Social Media Button”? Are the buttons showing up or they are not showing up in a way that you want them to be?

If you are having problems with social media button plugins that insert the buttons before or after a post, you can give DiggDigg a try. It basically installs a set of floating buttons beside your blog posts irregardless of the theme that you are using.

Haha… It’s true that Wordpress is the most user-friendly CMS on the Internet but there are still many problems that users may come across especially when they are new to setting up a self-hosted blog or the blog they own involves a lot of customizations (codes, themes, plugins, etc.).

Sharethis is extremely customizable. And the fasted

Search in the plugins section. As I recall there are whole packs, for example - a plugin that installs FB login, like/recommend button, FB page badge etc. There i such plug in for Twitter also. But help us help you by naming the exact social media button you want…

There have been plenty of helpful suggestions given since this thread started over a month ago, and since the OP has not returned to this thread to further discuss his problem we will look at it as solved.