Social Marketing less accounts

After somehow getting in the groove of assuming, and wrongly, that individual accounts are required material for marketing on thru FB | Twit and with other buttons (G+ ?, etc) the lingering question I have is whether this type of limited, yet quick, effort is enough to help jumpstart site traffic.

  • Referring to pages enjoying but a sparse handful of uniques per day. No, they might fit on the back of your thumbnail.

Facebook uses individual accounts to access brand / business pages. There’s no requirement the account actually be used but it must comply with the terms which means being an “actual account”. For larger profiles and those with account managers it’s possible to get a management-only account.

By Twit I assume you mean Twitter? Twitter is pretty much the inverse with a 1:1 relationship on accounts to logins so each brand you want to manage one for is setup independently with business information and accessed directly.

LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace mirror Facebook’s approach. Pinterest mirrors Twitter although you can farm out pinning options per board.

As far as jump starting traffic, that’s really not how social works for most cases so unless your business is about creating seriously interesting content [think video / infographics / cartoons / fantastic articles] it’s unlikely many people will make the jump off nor should that really be the goal. The opportunity of social is in the platform its self, not pushing everyone off of it.

So for sites of ‘lesser priority’, but sporting some great articles, you would not suggest placing the buttons only without opening individual accounts? Factoring here also, the ongoing committment(s) involved with maintaining social.

And just to be clear – you don’t have to have accounts with these social outlets to utillize their buttons/links?

If you manage to create a large following on social media sites, it will have some influence on your own site. To look at it as a way to “jumpstart” traffic, is asking for a big disappointment.Besides, why would you spend loads of time creating content for social media sites when you could use that effort to expand your own site?
Promoting it via relevant sites, forums and blogs is fine as a secondary support. The main driver for your site should be your site, end of.

I’m not following the question? Buttons work with or without accounts although not having a presence these days makes very little sense.

Just want to cover all the bases for the ‘non-astute’ among us. - That’s all. And thank you.

A presence on Social Media networks at this point is a must. To generate organic traffic I also suggest looking into traffic exchange networks.