Social groups - do you users use them?

As part of our fight against spam we are currently considering getting rid of social groups. Since we brought them in a couple of years ago they have been huge spam magnets and don’t appear to be being used for much else.

Before we go ahead and do so, I want to gauge how you feel about that. Is anyone actively using them for good (as opposed to evil)?

ditch them

vBulletin isn’t facebook

As I don’t use them I’d second that proposal of vaporising them (especially it they are huge spam-magnets).

Noone uses them. Chuck 'em :slight_smile:

Never seen them. Never use them.

There’s other channels (outside of SitePoint) that are better suited for that type of activity.

I put my foot squarely with the rest of the pack, ditch them.

They need serious work to be useful. I vote for ditching them.

+1 ditch them, they’ve hardly been used.

Off with their heads! :lol:

The only one I’ve found beneficial to me is The Official LOLcats at Sitepoint and it was only beneficial in a personal way in that it made me laugh my butt off! But I don’t think it’s really necessary to keep that Social Group or any of the others.

It’s just an added feature that isn’t used or really cared about. It’s just there. And now that the groups come with avatars in your profile rather than just text, it bloats peoples profiles up too. Me no likey. :nono:

Andrew Cooper

Fairly unanimous then! We’ll get rid of them. Thanks.