Social Coding Project

Hey Guys,

I am starting a new programming project that I would love anyone to help with. I am trying to design a social coding system where people can register and work together to code, entirely from their web browser. I don’t like GitHub because you have to download Git on every computer you work on, and it is not able to provide live samples to web programming. I am looking for both PHP and Javascript programmers, and I will make a duplicate of this post in the other forum. I hope you all help. Post to this forum if interested.


I think the tool your requesting has already been created. Have a look at any collaboration software.

Hey weaversam8

Have you tried Cloud9?

It sounds pretty close to what you’re after (:

Thank you, both of you for the fast reply,

I am looking at Cloud9 right now and it looks like what I am looking for.
I posted this to decide on an enviroment for my new collabberative coding project, and I think I have found it.
If you like, I can message you both when I begin my next project.

Thanks Again…