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How many times i can bookmark a webpage in particular bookmarking website with single account?

Why would you want to bookmark the same page multiple times on the same site?

If you’re thinking of it as a way to build backlinks, then you really need to read this:

Pay particular attention to the bit which says

(My bold.)


You can do the social bookmarking many time with single account . But one thing you remember that description of the social bookmarking should be unique content and create complete profile of the social bookmarking site for back links…


But would you consider that to be a good idea, in light of the previous answer?

You can do the social bookmarking many time with single account. but url will be diffrent

There are many social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, delicious, instapaper, Tumblr and many other you these to bookmark your content. Putting your links on a single website is not a good practice and also considered a spam. so be aware while using the site.

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do as many time as you want no one can stop you from bookmarking, however if you are doing for promotion and seo work keep in mind bookmarking is low quality link as many spammers use these kind of link for seo purpose so i would suggest you not to use it multiple time

There is no any constraint related to the link you will be bookmarking. But make sure to maintain certain time period if you are submistting same link, so as to not get treated as spammy link.

Bookmarking can be done for N number of times in all the social bookmarking websites. But please keep a note that not all social bookmarking sites allow this. Also, do not do spamming as you will be blocked very soon.

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