Soccer Kit Design

Hi all, not sure if this is going to be in the right section of the forum, but basically, I was wondering how they football kits were made.

If you look at this site you can see what I mean -

Just scroll down the page a bit and you will come across 3 kits, the 3rd is like some sort of template by the looks of it. So I’m guessing they use that, then get the correct kit colour/design and cover it, somehow.

So anybody know how this is done, and if it is easily done…



I recently created a site - <snip> - but one of the clubs has refused me permission to use their logo, and I’m waiting on word back from others. IMO there is no point in having SOME logos, so was thinking I might use the kits like on the Premier League site, but slightly different of course.

Hi Allan, I used to work for a teamwear company distributing a major sportswear brand and was responsible for doing these sort of mock ups of kits. There were a number of tools that were used both online and offline. For the most part they were offline tools where you had vector based blank templates that you inserted and arranged for a school, team, company etc. Depending on the style of garment you were limited in placement of logos, but with modern sublimated fabrics almost anything goes now because the dyes/colouring are a part of the garment (instead of going on to the garment).

There are some online tools that will achieve the same type of effect. The most common sort of upload and place images is found for T-shirt printing companies. They often use online based tools to allow everyday folk to upload JPGs and place them and send them off to get printed all online. The tools vary in complexity but there are some packaged software you can buy and install on your own website. I’ve seen too many to remember them all and most were unsuitable for the company I worked for. The most promising for us was also the most expensive, but it allowed you to take a model like the third kit and overlay other images/logos very easily once you had defined the template. There was a bit of work involved in the set up but it was an Adobe product and I’ve got no idea how they’ve changed the product since.

Hope that helps.

Great thanks for that, I had a quick look online a few days ago and found a nice little soccer kit designer, I think it was used in some Football Manager game. It’s not bad, but I was hoping the kits would look a bit more realistic. Here’s a sample of one of the kits I have made using that software -

I will see if I can find something like you are talking about.

Thanks again.