Soccer ball drop in a stadium

@coothead hey there :slight_smile: . Thanks, I’ll look into that and will share results soon.

Well lol, it’s not working out. I’m putting in everything you gave me. Trying it out on a blank page instead of my Pen I shared.


I’m still seeing that the shadow animation is a bit off. Will try to keep working on it.

Made changes so the background would show up. Some reason it didn’t.



@coothead stole my idea of that awesome spin :upside_down_face:. Thanks, it’s gorgeous.

How to make the shadow appear as the ball comes down, instead of the shadow being present the whole time? Thinking to do that.

Hey @coothead , I’m thinking of a keypress to trigger that ball drop now.

Good for you. :rofl:


Lol what’s funny? I could use some hint on that :joy:

Definitely don’t use JavaScript. :biggrin:


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writes down - don’t use JavaScript. Check! :joy:

So what possible method(s) do you think that one might use?


Got to say that I’m clueless on that :thinking:

So are you going to ‘search’ for a solution
or just wait for me to post one?


I have been trying to search it. I can keep trying if you don’t want to share one.

Full Page View:-

Editor View:-



Thanks. Looks great, but I don’t want a button. I want a keypress. Like keyup - start/stop animation. One key for both.

Then what you are asking for is JavaScript.

Ok. There’s got to be a way without that though. You said don’t use it.