SOAP call using PHP-CURL

I am doing a soap call using php-curl
The issue is I need to pass a certificate thumbprint , certificate number and an orgid in the soapheader
I am not sure how to do this,
The url I am calling is WSE 3.0 and .net

I want something like this:

  <THUMBPRINT>1c 44 4r dd f3 63 74 26 20 34 3g 59 6b 2h 3q a1 74 14 d0 f8</THUMBPRINT>

I get an error without the header “Security requirements are not satisfied because the security header is not present in the incoming message”

Can anyone pls help asap.

Its urgent plsssssssssssssss

why are you not using PHP SoapClient for this task? it can handle additional headers, have a look at the comments

thank you for the quick reply.

Issue is I have never used the soapclient class,
can you show me a small example.

  1. there is a wsdl url
  2. i need to send a xml message
  3. Attach Client Certificate to Message

or, as i previously stated, have a look at the comments in the manual

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