So how in the heck are all of you! Me? Meh

Well I know it’s been a long LONG time since my dark shadow graced the ‘halls’ of SP but I thought it was long enough and have decided to make a ‘command performance’ :shifty: and stop back for a while.

You ‘old timers’ might just remember me while some of you young ‘whipper snappers’ are probably saying “who the heck is this clown?” Well for the later group I was known as the ‘grouchy old man’ even though ‘them that know knew better’.

So where the heck have I been? Well a ‘long strange trip it has been’, to say the least. I got really involved in politics (even though I still make a living throwing code at the wall) especially involved in Pa. (that’s Pennsylvania for you foreigners) gun rights and constitutional rights. And before you say it no I haven’t become one of those crazy tea baggers … this is closer to home.

So anyway, besides pounding out code, doing freebie work for several gun rights groups and sticking my nose in every politicians business life is pretty much the same. Managed to get my boy through college (thank god those bills are over) and am proud to say he started with Yahoo! on the 1st of February as a network engineer. He is at Yahoo! headquarters in Ca. until August for training and then will be working at their new green facility in Lockport NY after that.

Me? well I have kicked Java to the floor, I have seen the power of the new versions of PHP, especially combined with a Postgresql database, and haven’t written a line of Java in over 2 years now … so don’t expect me to have a repeat performance of “java guru of the year” any time soon!

But what I have become known for, and many will remember when I started this, is my ‘organic’ SEO abilities. You old timers (especially my sweety Hawk - no I haven’t forgotten you) will remember I began testing a specific method of building sites that combined all the SEO knowledge I had gained over the years and 100% ‘super lightweight’ tableless sites. Well I am proud to say it has worked time over time and I now have a steady clientele that are recommended by former clients specifically for this. While it took years to learn and re-learn my methods it has done some amazing things for clients and that’s what I want.

So I guess I’ve babbled enough, just wanted to say “hello again” and let the gang know I will be around for a while (again) … oh and to warn the newbs the ‘mean old man’ is back in town :goof:

Well wonders never cease!

What awesome news about your son. You deserve to be proud. And wasn’t it you that told me not to have kids? :wink:

I’ve been on hiatus myself actually. I’m back for good… for reasons soon to become apparent.

Anyway, good to hear you and I’m glad you’re back for a while. Behave yourself.

You of all people know damn well behaving myself isn’t in my nature!

Good to hear from you though sweety, but am I allowed to say that now that you are ‘Sitepoint Staff’ … or should I shudder at the thought? :rolleyes:

And speaking of which how are the little ones?

Welcome back DC - even if you did just “crash” one of my posts today :slight_smile: (P.s. don’t let the join date fool you, I’ve been around since 2003)

I look forward to discussing this with you. I have recently freed myself from similar SEO myopic fixations that I mistakenly thought were responsible for my success ( Let’s see if we can’t help you see the bigger picture :wink:

Haha, that is the second time you made the announcement of being back. How the heck have you been :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you are still trying to gun down the anti crowds.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Holy cow it is DC!

Great news about your son DC. Be proud. Welcome back.

Nice to see you back, again :smiley: :tup:

Welcome back Dave, good to see you have seen the light and gone to PHP :wink:
Great news about your son too, a proud father indeed.

I look forward to seeing you post and welcome the grumpy old man (who is allowed to be grumpy - because he is usually right…!) back :smiley:

Heh, nice to see some of the ‘old faces’ are still around!

First pics in from Yahoo! Their welcome party:

He’s the ‘talk drink of water’ in the black collared shirt with his sleeves rolled up … and yes he is THAT tall (6’ 6")

Honestly you have NO idea how proud we are of that kid!

Phew, for a minute there I thought your son was a chocolate cake.

Welcome back :wink:

It’s been ages since the last time I’ve read any of your posts… Will you stay around or simply saying hello?

I’m glad that your son has made it through college and that you’re OK and that you’ve been having fun (gee… politics! those are big words)

It is great to know from you and I do hope to see you around :slight_smile: Well… you may not be the Java Guru but I am sure that you will get the PHP guru badge :smiley:

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