So cool! Best free iPhone VOIP apps

AT&T Wireless recently released it’s block on these type of apps. I read and downloaded all of them and the two best are iCall and Whistle. I just think they’re so cool. For free (no use of minutes) you can make internent based (voip) calls from your iPhone over 3G or WiFi. Both work well. iCall has no audio ads but has a 5 min limit (although your free to re-call). Whistle had 15 sec audio ad but no time limit. Just thought I’d pass it along.

iCall has a Windows desktop version only which I just started using recently. They don’t have a Windows mobile version unfortunately. For VoIP on iPhone, I use Fring and it works with all voip providers I’ve tried. Currently using Onesuite VoIP and its works perfectly too.

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Good day.

One of them does. I think it iCall.

I wonder how they will get a proft out of these apps. I mean giving free apps is one thing but couple it with a free voip service is another.

Do you think they got a Windows version of these apps? I don’t have an iPhone, only a Windows Mobile phone.