So close! But my broken links have broken me


I’m at what I believe is the last step in uploading my first website.

  1. Reads the database…check!
  2. Zend Framework set? Looks good!
  3. Absolute links? DISASTER!

Basically, I used php includes for headers, footers, navigation, etc. The problem, which I now realize, is that when I upload to my server, the absolute links get confused. Is there some sort of quick fix to this? I’ve been using Dreamweaver and it just seemed so logical to use my Site name (algebra_book) as the absolute address; I assumed that it would just upload as the absolute address. But, of course this is not the case!!!

Anyway, if it’s helpful to see the disaster in the making, feel free to check out:

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You can use the username “peanut” with password 11235813 to take a look.

Thanks so much,


If you are using DW and have your site set up as a project, it could be a simple matter of doing a global find and replace for the term /algebra_book.
Other than that you could use javascript to strip it out on pageload or spend the rest of eternity going through it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! Eternity isn’t TOO appealing so I think that I’ll do the find/replace method. :wink:

However, the more I think about this, the more I wonder if I should somehow rename my DW site otherwise every time I upload I’ll have to play the same game (o/w it won’t work in my local site).

Currently, my site name in DW is algebra_book so that an absolute path would look like “/algebra_book/css/chapters.css”. On my find and replace I’ll make it look like “/css/chapters.css”. Is there anyway then that I can

  1. Do the find and replace on my local site to get rid of “/algebra”


  1. Change the DW setup so that the “name” of the site will match my uploaded version so that I won’t have to go through this process every time.

Sorry if this is a bit askance to a direct PHP question…but this all started because of PHP includes I have. :shifty:


Kreut: you actually don’t need the “name of the site” for it to work. Get rid of all of the “/algebra_book/” starts and just use “/” to indicate the root.

-Eric to Eric

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