Sms to group from mobile


First of all I will explain in brief regarding my requirement. I want my users to be distributed in couple of groups say ABC, XYZ, PQR…The users and groups will be managed through a website…Now i want that a user can send group sms just by sending a single sms to any number say 999.

So if a user of group ABC send an sms to 999 then depending on which group he belongs, the messages should be sent automatically to all other users of that group.

I just have no clue where to find information or whom to ask so posting it here. Sorry if it is the wrong place to post…

Thank You…


If you’re storing the group information in a database, and I assume you will be, just ask the database for the contact number for each of the users that belong in that specific group.

Once you have these, you can then start to figure out how you’re going to send the SMS.

Thanks a lot Anthony for the reply

But I m still not clear… I mean If i send sms to a private number of website say 999…Where will it check that the sender who has sent SMS belongs to which group and will then use sms bulk service to send sms to other members of same group only…

Do I have to ask to any bulk service provider for such service or it has to be handled with the PHP code… ???

Well, you be looking at code similar to the following:-

$res = mysql_query(sprintf(
  'SELECT number FROM user WHERE group_id = %d;',

$numbers = array();

while($record = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)){
  array_push($numbers, $record['number']);

$response = send_sms('Hello user!', $numbers);

The send_sms function is made up, but you would probably use a third party API to send the message to the numbers in the $numbers array.

Allrite kool…Seems like a ray of hope…

I am getting a bit…You mean I have to get an 2-way sms integration API or like that… where i can keep track of sms i get or send…

so if a user sends a sms to number 999 then the code or api will track the number and do action of sending the sms accordingly.

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