Smoother scrolling div on hover

I’m having a great deal of trouble figuring out how to make this div continuously scroll smoothly while hovered over the arrows. It’s almost like there is easing on the animation but I don’t have any easing set for this instance of the animation. I’m really at a loss as to how to make this smoother. Any suggestions??

Carousel Demo

JS Found here:

What is the trick to get this to work?

The script that you linked to has easing set up as a default:

options : {
    wrapper : 'bCarousel-wrapper',
    target : 'carousel-target',
    event : 'hover', // or click
    increment: 100,
    speed : 600,
    easing : 'easeOutQuad' // requires jquery easing plugin

You can override such defaults when setting up your own one.

The hover animation does not use that option. (line 150) And it also sets it to ‘’ when the event is “hover” (line 30). I also have gone as far as commenting out EVERY reference to easing in this script:
Line 19, 154, 161

I also commented out the reference to the jquery.easing plugin completely, but it still seems to be easing.

I fixed this by decreasing the increment to like 8 and changed the speed to 6