Smooth Drag/Drop

Hi guys, I have recently built a video player in AS3 and I feel that I want to take it to the next level and make it a commercial product free to developers but with a license required for businesses. Anyway I am really at the stage of nitpicking every little aspect of it now and I noticed that other commercial grade players have a very smooth dragging on the video scrubber. Mine is fine but I’m not sure if its quite as good as the likes of BBC iplayer.

What is the Actionscript secret for smooth drag/drop?

Depends on whether you are referring to the behaviour during drag, or after dropping. The secret after dropping is primarily keyframe encoding in the video to allow finer granular access to the video timeline, and motion tweening any play head movement so there aren’t instantaneous jumps. While dragging, make sure the frame rate is sufficent (i.e 25fps or more). It’s probably worth pointing out that there’s a lot of competition of both free and commercially licenced players, and you should have a look at those and what they offer before committing to the development.

Thanks that’s great, I will take your advice and have a look around and look into these technical aspects