Smart Phones: QWERTY keyboard or touchscreen keyboard?

Since the contract on my phone was approaching renewal time and I can upgrade to a new phone, I was curious as to what kind of phone folks prefer.

I’ve always preferred phones with physical keyboards, however, these types of phones are few a far between. Is this market availability an actual reflection of what everyone wants, or just what the phone manufactures decide on?

I’m happy enough with the touch screen, although it does sometimes get in the way when it pops up over the interface.

Been using touchscreen for quiet some time already infact I’ve already forgot how to use a QWERTY keyboard haha…

I only use my phone for texting (and very occasional internet access), so I much prefer an actual keyboard. My previous phone had a touchscreen version, but my current one (now a couple of years old) has a fold-out keyboard, which I love.

I’ve been an iPhone user for a few years now.
No way I would to back to a physical keyboard.
On the odd occasion where I have to do something on my parents’ keyboard phone, I find it difficult to use.

Are you considering a paticular OS or is the keyboard the deciding factor for you?

I don’t find a problem typing on a touchscreen, and I find the autocorrect on Windows Phone to be pretty good. I would rather have the full-size screen with a soft keyboard that comes and goes as needed than a physical keyboard taking up screenspace, or a fold-out keyboard that adds more potential for things to go wrong.

Well I have a Motorola XT316 which has a physical keyboard and have not regretted it. I can type quite fast on it now. I don’t know that I could do that on a touchscreen.

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I’m sticking with an android device and a slide-out keyboard.

The thing is–I do some sysadmin stuff remotely and write a fair amount of emails. I can’t type nearly as fast on a touchscreen (no tactile feedback), and the pop-up onscreen keyboard tends to get in the way.

Oh ok, that’s interesting!
What kind of stuff do you do via your phone, if you don’t mind me asking?

Mainly just remote desktop sessions and various web-based configuration pages for websites, network devices, and hosted services. It’s pretty straight-forward.

Interesting. I do a lot of remote admin stuff from a non-physical keyboard screen. I also make sure I have swype installed so I don’t have to push the physical characters and I can just drag my finger from letter to letter to form the words/commands I need. Granted commands are a lot trickier and I’m still trying to figure out that one better, but in the meantime I wrote a quick web app that handles my typical commands or I have a document on my phone that I can go copy and paste from.

I’m a part time network admin and I never really considered doing admin stuff from my phone.
I’ll mull over that possibility.

I don’t use my phone as my primary platform for sysadmin stuff–I only use it to avoid having to return to work when something breaks after I’ve already left for the day and I’m out and about somewhere.