Smart Move by google

Yesterday i was watching a news channel and heard this news that Google Buys Motorola Mobility For $12.5B, Says “Android Will Stay Open”. What do you people think Google trying to do???

Hmmm. It seems google is think about coming in the business of smart phones like Apple. If google has buy Motorola Mobility it means they are planing to get some marketing share on smart phone as it biggest industry after computer and laptops…

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Surely it’s a patent grab? Apple won a patent lawsuit against HTC (or was it Samsung) and Google has immediately snapped up the phone company holding the patents.

I agree that this buy is mostly about patents. When google was discussing the buy yesterday in a news conference the word “Patent” came up a dozen plus times.

Too bad that a company needs to spend 12.5 Billion to defend itself from patent trolls.

This was expected by some market watchers. A Google spokesperson had said that it has some 15 odd billions cash to invest in tech companies with potential. Google might try to increase its tech reach or just might try to increase the potential of it’s mobile division that is the Android. It even had problems with the patent of Android. (Remember JaVa). But whatever google does, it is always in the best interest of its users. It has provided much scope to marketers like us. Way to Go - GOOGLE

Possibly, although it represents a very strange move for Google, as to my knowledge this is their first real step into the hardware market and represents a serious step into Apple’s territory.

I think it is a smart move by google. I heard that the FTC is going to put rules that make it where google can’t use all of motorolas patents or something like that. I am a little fuzzy on it because it was on the news as i was leaving the house this morning.

Is this just for the mobile phone portion of Motorola? I assume this doesn’t include two-way radios. $12.5B…that’s a whole lot of money.

I think this has as much to do with cable set top boxes as 'droid. Defensive patent portfolio helps too.

Missed this and can’t edit my post now – Motorola split in two at the beginning of the year. Motorola Systems covers the non-consumer parts, such as the 2-way radios and other stuff principally consumed by government. Motorola Mobility covered the cellphones, set top boxes and associated back-end gear.

Yeah, Google is making a smart move I think. I’m hoping that they’re able to rival Apple. I love Apple products, but I’m starting to get bored, I really can’t wait until my contracts are over, I really want the Google Nexus S. But, if an even better phone comes out from them then they’ll be my next. Apple are boring me with their little updates, not creative ideas.

I see, thank you. I really couldn’t see Google interested in the 2-way radio business - but you never know what their plans for world domination are :slight_smile:

Great news.Google Buys Motorola Mobility For $12.5B, Says “Android Will Stay Open”. What do you people think Google trying to do?

I think its a great move by Google, they are going after a very big market :slight_smile: I’m glad I’m not competing against Google, its better to work for them lol

Am I the only one that’s getting the creepy feeling that Google is watching my every move , sound and thought ?

Great move by Google , i hope they don’t make more .

google has acquired many popular websites and services on the web, google is simply smart to promote there products and keep there services free so they get revenue from advertising services.

google is billions dollar company so they always look for offering new services oftenly.

Google was far behind in the mobile/other company races besides the fact that it’s the greatest search engine ever made, I think this is Google showing us how powerful it can be. Take out Search Engines, take out Facebook and now rival Apple. Epic Google.

Why do you feel Google was behind in the mobile race? Android is Google’s phone and very popular.

Maybe I should have added ‘I feel Google was behind’, because that’s how I feel and not a fact, haha my bad.

But yeah, it may by popular (but as stated above ^), I don’t think Google was great in the mobile race. I mean, I had a look at the Google Nexus phone yesterday. It had plenty of great reviews so I YouTube’d it, but it just reminded me of an Apple iPhone, until it hit its features which looked choppy and so. I really am hoping that Google does get better originality on their phones and make something which doesn’t look similar to the iPhone, because they are a great company, just (personally feeling that) they lag behind.