Small Travel websites Icons wanted


I am looking for small holiday icons gifs for a travel site. I need hotel, holiday, and flights small icons. So next to flight I want to add a flight icon and next to hotels I want to add a small hotel icons and so on. I prefer if they are similar pattern. Does anyone know where I can get them from?

Thanks in advance

Oh I’ll make them for you.

My normal computer is down for the count at the moment, so in the spirit of 27bslash6, here is my impression of using the laptop’s trackpad and mspaint to create those icons. The cat came to nuzzle me at times throughout, so some of the lines aren’t as straight as they might otherwise have been.

The one in the middle shows a shack with a path leading up to it, and a boat going towards it. The one on the right is an airplane.

You’re very welcome.

Thanks for your help but I am looking for something in color similar to the one on the top of this website near the logo: Find Cheap Holidays, Flights & Hotels At The Home Of Real Deals -

So like in this site they are all of the same size also in color. I tried microsoft sites but in vain. any ideas?

thanks again

Let’s just let this thread stay as it stands, shall we? :slight_smile:

My cat, and I, thank you.

I’ll see your cat and raise you 12 more. My ginger tabby Talker is particularly adept at fouling up rewriting my stylesheets. I thought we closed this thread! :slight_smile:

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oh, oops. Consider it closed :slight_smile: