Small PHP coding Error?

<?php include('includes/sideadjust.php'); ?>

I did a virus scan on WordPress and the results were good, except it told me that they was a code error within the following line. It highlighted include but not the ‘s’. My assumption is that the ‘s’ should be removed ? I’m not a PHP coder so I don’t want to change it, even if it is simple :slight_smile:

Which ‘s’? Do you mean on ‘includes’? That is just a url pointing to folder called ‘includes’. You’d have to check to see if the file is really called ‘include’ or ‘includes’, but my bet is that it’s OK.

Hi, I meant to say the ‘includes’ word :slight_smile: I must have omitted it the last minute. Thank you for the advice, I’ll go ahead with the change if it’s correct :slight_smile: