Small online business owner: Looking for short-term loan

I’m a businessman having small scale setup my financial condition is not so good. Some time I face problem in paying monthly expenses like water bill, electricity bill etc. I am here to find a solution for it. How can I manage all these bills? Or Is it possible to take short-term loan for these type of expenses? If you people have any idea so please let me know. Thanks a lot for any help.

I would absolutely NOT look at short-term loans, and avoid borrowing money for any reason. If you are having trouble paying utility bills then you are living in the margins financially, and that’s exactly how you get stuck with crazy interest rates and predatory lenders.

Like the above poster said, you need to get your financial house in order. If your business isn’t enough to pay basic expenses, consider taking a part-time job to maintain some stability while you sort out the rest.

Cut down your expenses would be the first step.

Cut out luxuries, cut out unnecessary excess, cancel subscriptions/services you can do without for a while (or drop them to a lower teir). If you eat out a lot, stop doing that and cook at home.

With loans, you’ll be in worse debt since you have to pay back what you owe plus interest. Loans aren’t a great idea unless they’re to invest in something. In either case if you have to go that route, shop around for the best interest rate.

One site I like to read that offers good, basic advice:

Here’s a series of 25 basic financial rules & common sense that the author wrote which may give you some ideas:

And this: