Small CSS problem in IE8

At the bottom left “openingsuren”… The arrow on the right jumps to the center when clicked in IE8 or just disappears.
What causes this and how do I resolve this?

Any help is appreciated.

Sounds like a “haslayout” issue so the first thing to try is to apply haslayout to the parents of that heading element.


If that doesn’t work then post back here.

Still not working…

Ok, I can see the problem and you have applied the styles only to the link state and once you click the link it is visited and therefore the rules do not apply.

Change the rule to this:

[B]#uren .heading {[/B]


#uren .heading:link {

If you have used :link to style elements then you also need to use :visited.

#uren .heading:link,#uren .heading:visited{etc....}