Small Business Accounting Software?

So, it high time I started keeping better track of my finances, cash flow. What programs do you guys use? I’m going to be managing the software and my finances on my own so I need a program that is easy to use and made for a layman to understand. I’ve never taken a class in accounting. Intuit by Quickbooks seems to be highly rated but I’ve found other online accounting software, (,, - I’m not sure if online accounting software is even a good idea.

Suggestions? Should I just go ahead and use the free Inuit trial?

Thank you so much for that answer. I just signed up w/ QB Online a few hours ago. After a lot of research, I found out that I’ll need an ecomm integration software. Unfortunately, Webgility does not support Yahoo! Merchant stores. But thank you for that suggestion! I’m on the right path…

I recommend QuickBooks.

If you need advanced QuickBooks integration, you can try Webgility Ecommerce Connector (

So you use Yahoo store. Hope this article will be useful in this case:

Webgility offers integration with more professional/powerful commerce systems.

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the Yahoo! Merchant edition I’m using (Starter) does not allow you to export orders to QuickBooks. I would have to upgrade my edition of Yahoo! Merchant Solutions to Standard. I did find an integration software for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions with QuickBooks —> Super Manager Lite. Unfortunately, SM Lite will not work with QB Online Basic. I’m learning that there isn’t much you can do with QB Online. I don’t even think you can import IIF files directly into QuickBooks Online. When I’m done with buying all the necessary software, I’ll have spent around $300.00 (QB Pro and SM Lite cost $150.00 each. Fortunately, I get a 30-day free trial of Super Manager Lite).

I have used several accounting software with little satisfaction. However, I prefer the cash flow management software by Concur, which has been great and allows me to keep track of and account for every expense that I place on my corporate or personal credit cards.

If you use a mac, I recommend iFinance. You can even sync it with ipad and iphone, pretty neat!