Slimbox2.0, why photos not appear before full page loadeding?!


I’m using Slimbox2.0 by jQuary for my gallery which contain 257 thumbnail in one page! (No other choice :D)

Designer of Slimbox2 states that :" … you don’t have to wait for all images of the page to be loaded before clicking on a link that will launch the Lightbox effect."

But when i click on the first appeared thumbnail, I have to wait untill the last one be loaded :eek: , then loading indicator appears and then big photo comes up.

I select small size for photos, and i’m shure it’s not related to size of photo.
What’s wrong?

Thanks, A.S

if i understood right, then u have the same problem i had a while ago, this is more of a javascript question

Try looking here to find a solution :

(u can ignore the first 2 posts)

hope that im not wrong and it helped ! :slight_smile: