Sliding jQuery Navigation

Is it possible to make a sliding navigation menu with a dropdown list. Here is an example of the menu I am referring to:



This is the script they use for their slider:

var SlideList = new Class({
initialize: function(menu, options) {
this.setOptions(this.getOptions(), options); = $(menu), this.current ='li.current');'li').each(function(item){
item.addEvent('mouseover', function(){ this.moveBg(item); }.bind(this));
item.addEvent('mouseout', function(){ this.moveBg(this.current); }.bind(this));
item.addEvent('click', function(event){ this.clickItem(event, item); }.bind(this));
this.back = new Element('li').addClass('background').adopt(new Element('div').addClass('left')).injectInside(;
this.back.fx = this.back.effects(this.options);
if(this.current) this.setCurrent(this.current);
setCurrent: function(el, effect){
this.back.setStyles({left: (el.offsetLeft)+'px', width: (el.offsetWidth)+'px'});
(effect) ? this.back.effect('opacity').set(0).start(1) : this.back.setOpacity(1);
this.current = el;
getOptions: function(){
return {
transition: Fx.Transitions.sineInOut,
duration: 500, wait: false,
onClick: Class.empty
clickItem: function(event, item) {
if(!this.current) this.setCurrent(item, true);
this.current = item;
this.options.onClick(new Event(event), item);
moveBg: function(to) {
if(!this.current) return;
left: [this.back.offsetLeft, to.offsetLeft],
width: [this.back.offsetWidth, to.offsetWidth]
SlideList.implement(new Options);

Have you tried to add this to your dropdown list already?


I haven’t even created a sliding navigation yet because I want to be sure that I can add a drop down menu to it first.