Slideshow not responsive?

What are your guys thoughts on my slideshow not being responsive like the rest of the site?

Is my custom left menu styles interferring?

Tried adding a custom class with no success

.slideshow1styles { padding-top: 9px; max-width:100%; height:auto; display: block; }

It resized just fine when i looked at it on chrome
however it covers your left hand sidebar
(man i wish we could upload imgs to sitepoint again)

looks like you are using the older bootstrap. sidebar in col3 & rest in col9 same row.
I guess it would all depend on what you want to do w/the sidebar? line up under slider? above it?

adding a clear both…

<div class="slideshowck slideshow1styles camera_wrap camera_beige_skin" id="camera_wrap_103" style="width: 650px; display: block; height: 138px; margin-bottom: 61px;clear: both;">

will pop the slide show beneath the sidebar.
but it seems you are mixing a lot of classes w/the bootstrap original.

that clear:both; strikes again

Thank you :slight_smile:

no prob.
glad i was able to help,

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What do you mean? You can upload images using the upload link in the toolbar.

Or did you mean something else?

well d’ho!
thank you Paul!

Or you can drag-and-drop.

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