Slider with Call-to-Action for WordPress?

Hi Everyone,

Anyone know of any existing Slider plugins that have a live Call-to-Action button? Something ideally that you can upload the background image, and specify live text above the image that includes a live button to take the next step? I’m looking around, but haven’t found anything quite right. Most image sliders just allow image uploads. Or, if you can also include text, it’s inserted just as a footer to the image, as opposed to prominently over the image.

The slider embedded in this theme ( looks promising, but I just need to the plugin, not the theme as well.

Any leads would be appreciated!


The free solution is to use Meteor Slides Plugin… then tweak and edit the plugin templates to add Caption and call to action button by following this : Link

The other solution, is by using the premium plugin : soliloquywp which integrate a ready call to action buttons on slides…


Thanks for the lead! I’ll make sure to check it out, and I also have since found a plugin that might be what I’m looking for:

(in case anyone else has been looking for something such as I’ve described) :slight_smile:

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