Slider thumbnail issue

Hi, I am working on a Wordpress site based on the avisio theme, and I cannot get the thumbnails below the homepage slideshow to link to the assigned pages; the url is on the bottom of the browser (chrome) when I hover over the thumbs, but clicking them does nothing. I have yet to get an answer from the theme developer, so I was wondering if anyone here could help me get the links working. I want the small thumbs od the houses to link to each house (the main images, which are set up as slideshow items, link properly. the thumbs are generated by the theme.):

TIA, colin

Hi everbeta. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Hm, it actually works OK for me in Chrome and Firefox (Mac). The images were slow to download, though, so I’d say you need to optimize them a bit (reduce their file size by saving for the web in Photoshop). Those images should be down to around 80 kb rather than around half a meg or bigger.