Slider not working on ipad

Hello, I have slider on my website but not video slider. It contains images of some of our services ad slider location is top if the bottom. When i am seeing responsiveness of the website it doest not work with ipad. Can anyone please check and suggest. here is the link of the page:

Welcome to the forums, @hazrahuzaimdg.

I don’t have an iPad to test with. Please could you clarify what you mean by “not working”? Is the problem with the slider action itself, or is it not properly responsive on iPad?

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If you are talking about the service-img slide in the top left then this may help.

@media screen and (max-width:768px){
    .service-img img{width:100%;}  

As @TechnoBear said above you would need to define what ‘not working’ means and perhaps indicate exactly where you see the problem (screenshot) and then describe the desired behaviour.

Note that the ipad view is nether her nor there as it is just a view at a specific width and the problem would be evident in any device/desktop at that width (barring device bugs and behaviours).

That site has a lot of advanced coding so is unlikely that a simple fix is going to fix all issues. You have overlaps in your fixed navigation pointers at the left side of the screen side on smaller screens which haven’t been taken into consideration either.

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