Slice tool in Adobe Photoshop

Hey guys. I installed the newest version of Photoshop but didn’t find slice tool there.

Could you give me a suggestion where I can find It? Thanks

At in previous versions of Ps, it’s bundled with the crop tool.


Just watch the first few seconds of that video … the rest I wouldn’t advise watching!

It is now a sub set to the Crop Tool…

Thanks for the video. I was really confused when installed latest photoshop :((

Hold the crop tool and the option should show up.
May I ask why you are using the slice tool? It seems rather outdated to be using a slice tool now a days especially for web design.

its included within the crop tool sub menu…try shift + C …you’ll find it :slight_smile:

Really? I was curious of this matter. Could you, or anyone tell me any newer, more efficient methods of creating hot slices ? Btw, I’m new to this forum and haven’t yet learned how to navigate around the site. I’m afraid of commenting on this post and forgetting I ever did so :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m familiar with HTML5’s new features regarding making menus with hot slices free of images. But they don’t offer the flexibility I’m looking for when I’m designing my site regarding cosmetics.

well ! Let me guess! We are not us slide tools much may be 2 reasons ( correct me if I wrong )

  1. we do not use much in <table> due to it’s slow down speed
  2. Now a day the speed of web service faster than before a lot. So it’s not require to slide image .

So what would be the best way about creating hot spots on images or graphically created navi bars ?

If you let photoshop slice and then generate the HTML for you, it creates a huge mess of code and tables for layouts etc.
Photoshop is very good at what it does best - design stuff and thats where it should end.
Using the crop tool to get the elements that you require is a much easier way to get only the parts you need.

not so much speed, <table> is for tabular data - not layout purposes.

Yes, the faster internet speeds mean that images can be larger but there are still some people on 56k dialup modems!

Using the crop tool to crop around the images you need for the nav bar and then saving them. You then write the HTML in a semantic and correct fashion.

The beauty of using the slice tool is that you can name the slices individually, and set the compression for each. Plus you don’t have to “un-crop” or “step back” in Photoshop, and then crop and “re-name” for each additional image*. And it’s one single command to “save images for web”, and file replacement can be automated. Sometimes when cropping (even if it’s set to snap to guides) the size can be 1 pixel larger or smaller. And if you’re using that image in existing code with set width and height, finding out why the image is not sharp can be a nightmare. I don’t recommend using Photoshop’s HTML features but I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t use Photoshop’s slice tool. Or Illustrator’s.

*Or forget where you are the process, save the file, lose all surrounding design work and have to recreate it. Ask me.

Hey guys you can be know it easily with youtube’s video search there related tutorial video.