Skype=MSN? Microsoft buys Skype

I heard it on the news yesterday and I read it today. Microsoft has bought Skype for USD 8.5 billion.

It seems that Steve Ballmer wants to improve Microsoft’s image which is not that good. At least when it is related to internet.

Yet, I’m not sure if this will be good or bad for Microsoft and, of course, Skype. And, in a more personal note, I’m not sure if I like it. First, because I like some competition. Google Talk doesn’t have the number of users that MSN and Skype, the leader, have.

Second, because one of the things that I liked about Skype was that they launched new features first.

On the positive side, Skype will still be cross-platform. How long? Who knows.

That cheap?
Or did you mean billion? :wink:

Let’s see what the future brings.

I meant billion of course. But I guess is that normal people like me don’t see one million often, and if it is one billion, then never.

Besides, I love to go bargain hunting :shifty:

When I heard on news that microsoft was going to buy skype along with the info that skype was actually losing money, I was actually suprised, by the fact that skype was losing money. I personally don’t really like skype as it basically doesn’t let you leave offline messages(well it does, but it only appears when both the sender and receiver get online at the same time). I only use it to make cheap phone calls. I am waiting to see if there’ll be any new stuff coming out with microsoft managing it.

Yeah this happened a while ago… it’ll be interesting to see how it helps Microsoft though.

Still msn and skype aren’t same !
You can download skype and msn separately and use them.

Earlier this month I saw a report that FaceBook had just bought Skype. So Microsoft didn’t keep it for long.

Not quite…facebook is integrating skype for their video chat feautre. Microsoft hasn’t resold it.

I mentioned this on a Facebook status of mine:

Microsoft didn’t waste much time integrating Skype (who they bought out) with Facebook (who they have a stake in). I can bet there will be hordes of people who will create new groups boycotting the new Facebook Chat design, but in 5 months time they’ll still be using the service. :slight_smile:

Not sure what percentage of Facebook that Microsoft owns, but they have a significant financial stake in Facebook, which is probably why Facebook managed to integrate Skype into the Facebook Chat system as a Video Chat feature so soon after Microsoft had bought Skype out.

I think Microsoft are making some pretty good moves in this little chess game that is going on between Microsoft and Google. We’ll see what happens though.

That’s true and this news has gone viral. But I’m wondering why is it in some other countries, this feature is not available yet.

On the other hand, if that’s the case - Microsoft is now controlling Skype, then it must be true that MS is now making some “wise moves”, knowing that they even got their hand on Lenovo units.

I wonder what would then be their next move. hmmm :scratch:

This happened nearly 4 months ago, and I didn’t see any change except many programes on my Nokia can’t work anymore.