Skin versus Theme?

What is the difference between a bootstrap skin versus bootstrap theme?

Thank you very much in advanced.


I don’t know about bootstrap but from what I can gather in other sectors then generally a theme will contain skins (although some people use the term skin and theme as interchangeable). A skin usually changes the appearance of part of a theme while the theme applies to the whole thing including its functionality and has child skins to change the appearance. (That’s as far as I can gather because this is not really a straight forward CSS question as such.:))

A theme/template is typically a complete structure and design for a website/webapp/CMS. To elaborate on what Paul said, a skin typically changes the color scheme of a template. A bootstrap package of any sort is typically a completely functional, generic, ready-made package that can be repurposed for many uses–sometimes with a wide array of customization options (and sometimes different skins). A boilerplate package is the stripped-down bare-bones building blocks of something to help get you started. And a framework is essentially just a collection of useful code.

Thanks, that’s a much better description than my attempt :slight_smile: