Skilled hands tied by contract. Help!

I am not sure if this question has been addressed but I wonder if anyone has faced something similar;
I have worked as a freelance designer for a web agency for about 2 years. Times are slow and they have not required my services in some months.

I am ready to move on and so I am working on updating my portfolio with some of the design work I did for them. I mentioned this in passing and I was promptly told that the contract states that I “won’t disclose the projects that I worked on at the agency” , which means I can not use any of the work to promote myself.

I never intended on taking credit for work or parts of the work that are not mine, but I designed entire sites.
I find this extremely frustrating and unfair since this is the way we, designers, get work.
I’ve gotten some mixed opinions on the legitimacy of this clause.
Does anyone have some real world experience with this? I would really appreciate any input.

Welcome to Sitepoint!

If you agreed not to disclose projects you’d worked on for them then that’s the way it is, just bite the bullet and move on :slight_smile:

It’s not unusual to be subcontracted as a freelancer and not being allowed to do this, after all you were working for someone else, in their name. The key is in what terms you agree to when working for the agency.