Sizing images in a carousel

I have a carousel that is just going to go through several different images. The problem is that each image comes around and resized the carousel because they are not the same size. What is the best way to resize these to all be the same? Should I resize them all outside of the code and then put the new nicely uniform images into the Images folder? Or can I just set a specific size for all of them when they are in the carousel?

Note: I went and added a class to all of the images, then set them all to the same size : 35em width, 35 em height. When I switch through the images they are not all the same sizes still. Is this because em is elastic, or is this because the images are different sizes by default and it is overriding the sizing I am setting?

I would normally resize (and optimise) carousel images before including them in the site.

It’s difficult to comment on what might be going on with your code without actually seeing it.

Yea there’s nothing really special to see so I just didn’t bother posting. Was more just looking for advice on general practice. Sounds like I need to resize the images to a uniform size before including them in the project then. Sounds good.

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