Sites to sell other than ebay


I am looking for somewhere to sell physical items that I am posting rather than eBay.

I am having too many problems with eBay and buyers getting refunds even when I have proof of delivery for items.

Can anyone suggest any other method (Aside from selling on my own site)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can use FREE classified site to sell your products. Probably, Craiglist would be the best way out for you.

There are many other online websites present for sales that examples they are like Quicker ,OLX,etc


Pre-loved is a free one.

CL ftw always

Rather than Ebay we have many online shopping website like grabmore,shopclues…etc ,you can try to sell your products there.

Yeah, Exactly… OLX is best in all…
Go for it…

there are usually groups on facebook for your local area which you can list your items

Craigslist and Gumtree are best sites. backpage, classifiedads, gumtree and epage are some free sites of higher traffic and PR/Index as well.

I have had good success with amazon.


olx dot com and best one is amazon